Third Round of Treatment – Progress!

by | Apr 16, 2019

Sooooooo, I’m turning 40 this month. I didn’t have any huge before-I-turn-40 goals but would like to accomplish a few things before the 40th year is out.
#1 – get married 🙂
#2 – go on honeymoon and look good in a swimsuit
#3 – slim down a realistic 20 pounds
#4 – Live life and be happy 🙂

Glad to say goal #2 is underway with Coolsculpting, and goal #4 is how I try and live daily 🙂 – Did I mention we’re going to Maui to celebrate? 🙂 Life is good –

I haven’t really made headway in controlling my daily eating habits. As most of you can relate – life gets in the way :/ I’ve had several crazy work weeks in a row and not much time for healthy shopping or cooking. This week my goal is to revisit my calorie journal and focus on the 8 weeks-to-wedding countdown. This said, even though I haven’t lost any weight I am looking slimmer in my middle area as the weeks go by!! I’m actually starting to see my figure again 🙂

I found the chin freezing entertaining. Mostly because I wasn’t able to talk so I had to try and learn sign-language to communicate. Just kidding. LOL – No, what I found entertaining was the ‘butter block’ I photographed after the Coolmini was removed. Looks like there was plenty there to freeze 🙂