Thoughts Two Weeks After Second Treatment

by | Mar 15, 2019

I’m now about 2 weeks out from my second treatment. My plan is to hit different areas each visit so I can see an all-around reduction of my middle area. THE EXCITING UPDATES this week are about the areas that were done on my first treatment – about 7 weeks ago. We did flanks and I’m seeing some slimming on both sides!!!!  We all know how much is pinchable and I’m pinching less and my sides look less bulgy now! Will share pictures soon…

Last weekend I went wedding dress shopping! I ended up trying on 4 different gowns and absolutely fell in love with the 4th one. I didn’t plan on a fancy princess dress, but walked out with one… It accentuates the right places and gives me a flattering figure…. Now to Coolsculpt a few more inches of that middle area away 🙂